Convivio Network
Convivio Network

Community on demand.

Join our network and community space and get in on all the fantastic perks!

Why the Convivio Network platform?

We bring together members of the Italian and broader communities who are ready to immerse themselves in cultural experiences, connect with others through a variety of social events, foster a strong sense of community, and promote our rich cultural heritage.

So get involved with our group, help build something great together, and enjoy some enlightening and inspiring programs and events—along with great perks just for you when you become a member of our network!

The Social Club is our unique community space in the Convivio Network platform.

Participating in the in-person and virtual Social Club is a great way to engage with our Convivio programs and events while receiving a multitude of perks!
  • individual membership (one account)
  • discounts on general programs and events
  • +1 guest for general events with admission discount
  • discounts on drinks at events
  • 25% discount at Caffè Caritàzza on coffee and tea drinks
  • members-only offers and discounts
  • hosted, members-only programs and events
  • community app to manage membership and engage with members

Benefits: The results you'll get...

Our community is quite special. We’re focused on the ways membership will make a huge difference in your life. Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do when participating in the Convivio network and the Social Club, our unique network community space:

  • Immerse yourself in rich Italian cultural experiences that expand your horizons.
  • Nurture invaluable connections with like-minded community members through diverse social events.
  • Contribute to maintaining and promoting our vibrant heritage with your participation.

What Does Your Support Do?

Your participation and contributions help us to sustain our arts, culture, heritage, and education programs in our community!

Proceeds from our coffee bar also help to support underprivileged youth at Washington Elementary, our charitable partner in the neighborhood.

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Who We Are


Convivio is a San Diego county nonprofit organization based in Little Italy.
Our mission is to preserve and promote Italian cultural heritage while building and nurturing community.

"The Convivio" is a literary work by Dante in which he commented on the philosophy and culture of the day. Convivio is also a state of mind. Whenever you might see a group of people breaking bread together as the Italians so famously do—enjoying the moment, the company, and the conversation—that is the essence of Convivio.

When you think of Convivio, think of love of life and culture.

What do YOU bring to the Convivio table?


Operated by Convivio, Amici House serves as the social center for Little Italy, providing a host of programs and events and cultivating a space where you'll find an engaging and inspiring hub for cultural fare.


Convivio also operates Caffè Caritàzza—a nonprofit coffee bar located on the Amici House patio—serving custom espresso drinks from locally roasted specialty beans, varietal tea, cold beverages, pastries, and a variety of food items and snacks.